How to Automate Image Creation for Instagram

To grow your business account on Instagram, you need to regularly publish a large amount of content.

Today, there are various social media schedulers that can help you automate the publishing process. However, you also need a tool for creating content, and that tool is Rendapi.

To automate content creation for Instagram, you need to create an account on Rendapi. A free 14-day trial period allows you to test drive the service.

Rendapi values your time and provides you with a set of free ready-made templates. Just select a template and click “Import”.

You can also create your own unique template from scratch using a powerful visual editor that is similar to Figma.

Let’s Automate!

1. Create a Template

In this article, we will use the ready-made template “Simple Quote Post” Select it from the template gallery and import it.

2. Generate Images

Click “Render,” and in the pop-up window, check the content you want to change (in this case, the quote and its author). Don’t worry about font size; it will automatically adjust to the content. Choose the format (e.g., png) and click “Render.” The image will be downloaded to your computer.

3. Mass Image Generation

Now, let’s imagine you need to generate 10, 100, or even 1000 similar images. With Rendapi, this is very easy. Go to the “Datasets” page and create a new dataset. Let’s name it “Quotes for Instagram” for convenience.

4. Populate the Dataset

A dataset is essentially a collection of data in a table format, somewhat like Excel. First, add the template you created earlier to the dataset. Then, specify that the first column will contain quotes, the second will contain the author of the quote, and the third will contain the images.

Now, you can fill the table with content. If you already have content in CSV format (Excel, Google Sheets, etc.), you can easily import it. You can quickly populate the column with images because you have access to a library with over 3 million images.


Select the desired rows (or all of them) and start the rendering process. Rendering will take some time, and you can monitor the progress in the “History” section.

When rendering is complete, you’ll begin downloading the “Quotes for” file. Open the archive to ensure that all the generated images are inside.

Great! You’ve successfully generated content for your Instagram account in a consistent style and for several days ahead.

Conclusion In this article, we’ve explored how easily you can generate an unlimited number of images for Instagram and other social media platforms. However, this is just a small part of what Rendapi can do. You can generate not only images but also PDF files, render multiple templates in various formats based on a single content source, and integrate Rendapi into your processes using its API.